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What is Walkstoff?

What is Walkstoff? When I launched my ‘Walkstoff’ collection a couple of weeks ago, I got a lot of positive feedback. People just love my two poncho designs and are really intrigued by the fabric that I used. It didn’t come as a great surprise to me as ‘Walkstoff’ is a woollen fabric that is […]

My home studio

My home studio The Maple And Oak Headquarters have been moved once again. I loved working from my last studio because it was so bright and spacious but it always was a temporary solution. When we came home to our pretty and cozy but also very small and cramped apartment after a trip to Quebec, […]

Canadian Made Only – Let me introduce you to: Studio Intent

Canadian Made Only – Let me introduce you to: Studio Intent Canadian made. Independently owned. Support local. These catch phrases seem to be everywhere recently. While most companies just use these words to catch customers, Studio Intent actually promotes this kind of life-style. Founded by Chantal Barchard in 2011, Studio Intent carries only lines by […]

Who made my clothes? Fashion Revolution

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. When I first heard about the Fashion Revolution, I thought: Wow! That sounds cool. But what is it? And why do we need it? Fashion Revolution is a non-profit organization that started after 1133 people died in Rana Plaza catastrophe in a garment factory working for popular clothing brands in […]

Yoga headbands, January and Fitness.

Yoga headbands, January and Fitness. It seems like since the beginning of the new year, my social media feeds show me only photos of my friends working out and getting back in shape. And I don’t think it is just the “a new year = a blank slate” theory but you just feel like moving […]