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Coin Purse: Tiny red floral.


  • Color: Outside: tiny red floral./ Lining: blue and white floral.
  • Fabric content: 100% cotton. Interfacing for stability and structure.
  • Size: 9cm (widest point) x 3.5cm (depth) x 10.5cm (bottom to top of clasp).
  • Closure: Metal clasp – handstitched to purse with embroidery floss. No glue.
  • Handmade in Québec, Canada.
  • One of a kind.

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The Coin Purse

Cuteness overload!!!

Whenever I cut fabric for my headbands, there are little scraps of the cutest vintage fabric left over. They’re just too cute to throw them out so I’m constantly looking for little projects that I can use them for. My latest addition to this kind of project is The Coin Purse!

Now, everything I make has to be special in some way because how else would it make people happy? What makes my coin purse stand out is the metal clasp that closes with two bubbles. I sew them onto the fabric by hand using colour-coordinated embroidery floss.

The lining is always a different fabric from the outside fabric – what a sweet surprise! And to give the pouch some structure, I’m using interfacing that stabilizes the fabric. So your purse stands on its own!

Personally, I love to use them to carry my jewellery when I go away for the weekend. Another one is filled with threads, ribbons and needles in my studio. And I’m just thinking, that it would also be perfect to hide my washi tapes on my desk! Or of course coins – duh! What are you going to put in yours?

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