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Poncho ‘Elisabeth’ – Olive green with fuchsia flowers


  • Olive green with fuchsia pink flowers.
  • Neckline to bottom is ca. 77cm; width is ca. 95cm. (varies due to felting shrinkage)
  • One size fits most.
  • 80% wool/20% cotton. Felted ‘Walkstoff’ fabric from Northern Italy.
  • Handmade in Canada.
  • ! This one fits a bit smaller then the other colours!

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Our Poncho ‘Elisabeth’ is made from a traditional European wool fabric called Walkstoff that is first knitted, then felted. It feels similar to boiled wool. This relaxed kimono-style poncho is open at the front. Just shrug into it, and you’re ready for cuddling up in front of a camp fire on chilly summer nights, or enjoying some outdoors time in spring and fall! No need to worry about size, as the generous pattern means that one size fits all.

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