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Triangle Scarf: ice blue with mountain candy print



  • Color: Icy blue with beige fabric-covered button + reverse side. Mountain Candy print by Love Making Designs. Limited edition.
  • Fabric content: Outside: 100% cotton/ Inside: 100% cotton
  • Size: ca. 128 cm x 90 cm x 90 cm. One size fits most.
  • Handmade in Québec, Canada.
  • One of a kind or limited editions.

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Triangle Scarf with a button

Oooohhh, how stylish is this scarf? And soooo cute!

Each scarf has a patterned, often vintage, fabric on the outside and a solid color cotton fabric on the inside. It closes in the front with a button that is covered with the same fabric used on the inside.

Are you a bit afraid of how to wrap and tie it? Don’t worry, it’s easy-peasy! Let me show you: Triangle Scarf Tutorial!

A few years ago, I was really bored by sewing Infinity Scarves, that everyone seemed to wear. And Blanket Scarves look lovely but are just sooo impractical. I wanted something practical like the Infinity but at the same time as stylish as the Blanket Scarf. Thus, inspired by the vintage feel of fabric-covered buttons, my Triangle Scarf was born.

This one is a part of a collaboration project between me (Maple And Oak Designs) and talented screen printing team Trish and Kiley of Love Making Designs from Revelstoke, BC. Isn’t the mountain candy print just delicious in that icy blue?

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