Coin Purses

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Cute little Coin Purses

A few years ago, I started making coin purses from remnants of my vintage, recycled and retro fabrics that I use for my Rockabilly Headbands. I sourced small metal frames that I sew on by hand with embroidery thread. Each has a different fabric inside and outside. They’re so cute and perfect for storing jewellery when travelling.

What are coin purses?

They are primarily used for holding and organizing loose coins or small items. They offer a convenient and compact solution for storing spare change, allowing you to keep your coins in one place and easily access them when needed. Here are some common uses for change purses:

  1. Everyday transactions: Coin purses are perfect for keeping loose change handy for small, everyday transactions like paying for parking, vending machines, or public transportation fares.
  2. Cash management: If you prefer using cash for your purchases, a coin purse can help you keep your coins separate from your bills, making it easier to count and manage your money.
  3. Piggy bank alternative: Instead of using a traditional piggy bank, you can use this little portemonnaie to collect and save your loose change. It’s a convenient way to accumulate spare change until you’re ready to deposit it into a bank or exchange it for bills.
  4. Travel accessory: When traveling, coin purses can be useful for organizing different currencies. They can help keep your foreign coins separate and easily accessible, making it more convenient for quick transactions or tips.
  5. Gifts and souvenirs: Coin purses can make practical and thoughtful gifts for both children and adults. They can be personalized or designed with various patterns, characters, or themes, making them fun and stylish accessories.
  6. Organization and storage: Change purses can also be used to organize small items other than coins, such as jewelry, small keys, earphones, or USB drives. They offer a compact and secure way to keep these items from getting lost or tangled.

Overall, coin purses are versatile accessories that help you keep your loose change organized, easily accessible, and separate from other belongings. They offer convenience and functionality in various situations, making them a useful addition to your everyday essentials.