My funky embroidered jean jacket


My funky embroidered jean jacket

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The jean jacket. A staple in every wardrobe. I found mine about 4 years ago in a thrift store and I loved it for about 2 years. The last two years it was collecting dust in my closet. But it never felt like it was time to put it in my ‘to-donate’ bag just yet. Which was the right decision because after reading ‘This can be beautiful’ by Tiffany Pratt and a recent Mollie Makes magazine, inspiration struck and I knew exactly what to do to put the spark back into my relationship with my thrifted jean jacket. It just needed to be up-cycled into a funky embroidered jean jacket!

  • Step 1 – Follow instructions in ‘This can be beautiful’ on how to sprinkle bleach and dye over your jean jacket. Oh, already so much prettier!

  • Step 2 – Now I take a ribbon (I found one second-hand a while ago) and sew it around the cuffs and waist.
  • Step 3 – Then add lots of brooches, pins and patches. My pins are from Salty Sea Dog Designs, The Baltic Club (found at Crafted) and The Penny Paper Co. (found at Majesty and Friends). You can find a couple of vintage fabric brooches in my shop and I’m currently working on a new product: iron-on vintage fabric patches!

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  • Step 4 – Check yourself out in the mirror and admire how pretty you look already!

  • Step 5 – Embroider. I looked at the embroidery pattern in Mollie Makes for inspiration but adjusted it for the shape of my jacket and drew it free-hand rather than tracing it and of course, I chose the colours that worked best with my vision of the jacket. Then my poor jacket got a lot of stitches. It took me about 12 hours to finish the embroidery on my funky embroidered jean jacket but ever since I took an embroidery class by Femmebroidery, time just flies when I embroider!
  • Step 6 – Stitch around those iron-on fabric patches. One of them (the kitty skull one) I got years ago from a friend, the others will be available soon-ish on my website in little kits with embroidery floss.

Maple And Oak - funky embroidered jean jacket 7

What do you think? How do you like my embroidered jean jacket? I’ve been thinking about offering them as a custom order wearable art piece – would you be interested in one for yourself?

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

? Leonie ?

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