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Panthers and tropical flowers – tea towel


  • Tea Towels printed with my own designs: Panthers and tropical flowers
  • Fabric: Cotton Linen Canvas (68% cotton/32% linen)
  • Size:17” by 26”
  • Printed & sewn in Montreal, QC, Canada.

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Panthers and tropical flowers – tea towel

Inspired by old school tattoo style, I designed this tea towel with two black panthers on a green floral background with bright red tropical flowers. I recently started drawing and designing my own patterns. I have them printed on fabric and this is one of the first results.

Care instructions

For first washing, rinse separately from other laundry with cold water. Following the rinse, run a normal cycle with cold water and detergent. Machine dry on high. Wash normally in cold water for subsequent washings. Can be dry cleaned. Do not bleach.

Why use tea towels with an art print?

Beautiful art should not be confined to the walls of a gallery! There is something very beautiful about art that enriches life, and what better way to do that then to create usable art? My digitally printed, hand sewn tea towels are the perfect mix of beautiful art and durability, permanently printed and intentionally designed to hold up against the most rough and tough of daily jobs. They are made from a cotton linen fabric, you’ll feel as though you’re hanging a piece or art everytime you drape these tea towels over your oven door!

Still not convinced?

Here are some reasons why people choose art print tea towels:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Art print tea towels add a touch of elegance and personality to your kitchen. They can serve as mini art pieces that reflect your taste and style, making your kitchen more inviting and visually pleasing.
  2. Gift Potential: They make unique and thoughtful gifts. Whether for a housewarming, holiday, or any special occasion. Art print tea towels are practical yet artistic, making them a memorable and appreciated present.
  3. Functional Use: Despite their artistic appearance, these tea towels are still highly functional. Use them to dry dishes, wipe hands, or clean up spills. Just like regular tea towels.
  4. Conversation Starter: Displaying art print tea towels can spark interesting conversations with guests about the artwork, the artist, or the design. This can be a great way to share your interests and support for the arts.
  5. Supporting Artists: Purchasing art print tea towels often supports independent artists and designers. Many artists collaborate with textile companies or produce their own line of printed towels, so buying them can contribute to the arts community.
  6. Collectible Items: For those who enjoy collecting, art print tea towels can be an affordable and space-efficient way to collect art. They can be displayed in various ways. For example, such as framed on a wall or draped over an oven handle.
  7. Versatility: These towels can be used in various ways beyond the kitchen. You can repurpose them as small tablecloths, placemats, or even wall hangings, adding artistic flair to different parts of your home.
  8. Durability and Quality: At Maple And Oak Designs, we make tea towels with high-quality materials and printing techniques. Thus ensuring that they are durable and retain their beauty even after multiple washes.


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