Belts and Ponchos


Belts and Ponchos

red walkstoff poncho

Sometimes the right timing is everything. This March I launched my ‘Walkstoff Collection’, a collection of ponchos and capes from a traditional felted fabric that I brought back with me from my latest trip to Germany. If you like to know more about ‘Walkstoff’ you can read about it here. While I was in the process of designing that collection, I shared a hotel room with Freyja of Fehu Leather in Toronto during a wholesale artisan show. She makes beautiful belts and cuffs from naturally dyed leather. Of course we did what you do after long show hours – drinking wine and chatting about our current projects. So when I told her about the poncho collection, we realized how well felted wool and hand dyed leather go together and even better: how awesome you can style a poncho with a belt! About a month later we met up and did just that.

Let me introduce you to the outfits:

1. We paired the dark grey/black polka dot poncho with a wide braided belt that hangs low on your hips and a black cuff with gold leaf accents. Very stylish, perfect for your glamping trips this summer. Don’t forget that May long is coming up soon! All of Canada will be outside and this little number will keep you warm despite the sometimes chilly temperatures.

felted poncho and leather belt

I’m especially in love with the black and gold leather cuff. Have you ever seen anything like it?

grey poncho

2. The red roses poncho was asking for something a little lighter. We decided to style it with a skinny wrap around belt in a tan colour around the waist and a matching bracelet with sweet rose quartz beads. This ensemble is definitely on the bolder side but we just love the elegant floral details in pink and green. Honestly, I would wear this look anywhere, anytime!

fehu belt and maple and oak poncho

3. Basically the same idea but the light grey poncho with dusty pink roses and white polka dots has a lot subtler quality to it. Styled with a medium width braided belt in grey and a wrap around bracelet in a tan colour with light grey gem stone beads, it looks classy and fun at the same time. I can imagine wearing it to the office (if I worked in an office which required me to dress in something else than the PJ’s I wear in my home office.) or a garden party in the evening – you will look stunning while staying warm.


You can see that we just folded parts of the poncho to the back, so it stays flat underneath the belt and doesn’t get too bulky. Both, ponchos and belts are a one size fits all and will look good on women of different sizes.


4. This blue poncho with green polka dots looks amazing if you’ve got blue or green eyes. Talk about a pop of colour! We matched it with a slim tan-coloured wrap belt and a tan-coloured wrist cuff with silver highlights to counter balance the vibrant blue.

blue poncho, leather belt

I’m really impressed by how you can dress up these ponchos effortlessly with some simple (but gorgeous) leather belts and wrist accessories. There’s just something about the combination of wool and leather, something almost archaic. Something that seems to be deeply ingrained in human nature. Well, I like it!

blue poncho, tan belt

And for those of you who just can’t get enough of looking at these ponchos and belts, here’s a little video that Freyja made with our photos!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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