‘Live heavenly’ – Himmlisch Leben + Yoga Headbands

Maple And Oak Headband

‘Live heavenly’ – Himmlisch Leben + Yoga Headbands

Maple And Oak Headband

Sometimes, you have to make an effort to stay in touch with old friends. Because you moved away and can’t hang out with them all the time anymore. Or even worse: they moved away as well. This was the case with my friend Zoë but on my Germany trip this summer, I finally managed to meet up with her as we still talk frequently and have a lot in common. There are two main themes that unite us: yoga and being a solo-preneur. She launched her business Himmlisch Leben – ‘Live Heavenly’ this year. We just knew we had to somehow collaborate.

Himmlisch Leben – ‘Live Heavenly’ was born because Zoë wanted to find a way to combine all her passions in one place. When I met her in 2004, I was in uni and she was studying at an institute to become a dance teacher. Fast forward 12 years later: I moved continents and started to build the Maple And Oak Designs brand while she earned a degree in the humanities and various certificates as Yoga instructor, Ayurveda health counselor, Kundalini healing and Lomi Lomi massage therapist. All of her interests amount to the same thing: living a healthy, holistic life.

Now, you might wonder why I am introducing you here in Canada to a business based in Germany? Well, maybe some of you, my dear readers, live in Germany. Secondly, I just think her personality and ideas are so alluring that it might be inspiring for you. Maybe, you want to learn more about Ayurveda or Lomi Lomi and find somebody offering similar things closer to you. But if it’s really Himmlisch Leben – ‘Live Heavenly’ you want to work with, there’s also the wonderful invention of Skype-counseling and healing. Don’t hesitate to contact her in English, even though she claims her English is horrid, it is most definitely not and she’ll be able to work with you.

Even though I find all of Zoë’s approaches intriguing, I have to admit that Yoga is the one that unites us. So we decided to do an impromtu photo shoot of her modelling my Yoga Headbands. It was so much fun amidst the fascinating ‘Externsteine‘ that are claimed to be a sacred, spiritual place by some and a geological oddity by others.

Whether you’re looking to live a holistic life or just on the hunt for the perfect Yoga Headband, I hope you had as much fun with our little collaboration as we did. Namaste.

Reclaimed fabric headband

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

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