Collaboration Time! Mumble Tease – Maple And Oak Designs


Collaboration Time! Mumble Tease – Maple And Oak Designs


Fools alike.
I love collaborating with other artists. It’s so much fun what you come up with when you put two creative minds together. You know how they say: “Great minds think alike…fools seldom differ.” Well, Heather of Mumble Tease and I have been working on a couple of things together in the past 1.5 years and we thought that this saying was an accurate description of our collaborative efforts. So it was an easy decision to call our collaboration project ‘Fools alike’.

It all started at a really slow craft market in the hamlet of Exshaw, Alberta. Both of us wanted to attend a Christmas show in Vancouver but didn’t want to do the treacherous drive through the Rocky Mountains in December on our own, so we decided to drive out together. That was the second time we met and basically our first real conversation. Which might have been a bit silly considering that the trip included sharing an air mattress and blanket! But it all worked out for the best and we’ve been friends and carpool buddies ever since. It might be a pain to squeeze 2 booths into one vehicle but it’s well worth the fun we have, plus we’re saving money on gas and reducing our carbon foot print just a little bit, so: yay!


Our latest fabric finds.

Three important things happened on that first trip:

1. Heather told me about her extensive vintage fabric collection.
2. I uttered the words “I’d rather eat fish than being eaten by fish.” while eating sushi.
3. We realized that we both wanted to add a tote bag to our collections.

One thing lead to the next and by late January 2014 we had 3 different prints put on funky tote bags. We brainstorm about the images together, then Heather draws them and if I approve (Let’s face it, her doodles are just so awesome, I always do!), she prints them on the fabrics we chose together. In the mean time, I work on the pattern design and if she’s happy with it, I sew the bags. Each bag is made with vintage fabric and thus being one of a kind. Luckily, it wasn’t just us who like the collaboration bags but you guys as well. Yippeee! So we made more and they’re still available today.

When I went with Mumble Tease to the big One Of A Kind Show in Toronto we launched our latest product: an infinity scarf with a “MURDER! of crows” print on vintage jersey fabrics. So comfy! There are always just a few available in each colour which makes them so much more fun. Have you ever googled the names different groups of animals have? Oh boy, so hilarious! One of my favourites is definitely a flamboyance of flamingos…maybe this will be another print one day? We’ve got our heads full of ideas for future projects, so stay tuned on ‘Fools alike’!

If you like our collaborations projects and would like to purchase one, come on out to the Festival of Crafts here in Calgary this weekend (May 8 -10) or just shoot one of us an email and we will show you what we’ve got in stock!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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