How to tie a rockabilly headband


How to tie a rockabilly headband

Have you ever wondered how to tie the perfect rockabilly headband knot?

 How to tie Rockabilly headband knot
When I’m at art and craft shows with Maple And Oak Designs, lots of people love the rockabilly headband look but don’t know how to tie the knot. Some folks are even afraid of it. But not to worry, it is just a harmless “reef knot” aka “square knot” in the end. Not that hard, really, I promise!

Let me show you how it’s done

, step-by-step (or if you prefer a video, find it here):

Step one - rockabilly headband knot
1. Grab the tips of the headband. One hand holds one tip. Sling the headband around your neck and cross the ends flat on your forehead. Make sure that the end that is on the front is a little bit longer than the other end.

2. Hold the end that is closer to your head tight (the one in my right hand in the photo). Fold the other end around the one you’re holding tight. Make sure the front part (in my left hand in the photo) stays flat.

3. Now pull on both ends to tie a simple knot. Keep the headband flat.

4. Push the part of the headband that is higher than the other (the one on my right hand) to your left. Pull the other part up straight. Make sure it stays flat.

5. Loop the end that you just pulled straight up (in my left hand) around the other part and through the hole. It should arrive opposite the other end (the one in my right hand).


6. And finally pull on both ends! Tadaaa! The perfect rockabilly headband knot! If it’s not perfectly flat you can always adjust it a bit with your fingers.

If you feel like you need a whole bunch of rockabilly headbands now, you can get them here!

I hope this helps & rock’ on!!!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤


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