How to tie the Head Scarf in a bow – Tutorial


How to tie the Head Scarf in a bow – Tutorial


Since we launched The Head Scarf a couple of weeks ago, lots of people asked me how to tie it in such a way that it ends in a cute bow in the front. It’s really not that hard!

But let me show you how it works:

1. Scrunch your scarf a little bit together, then place the middle of your scarf in front of your forehead.


2. Bring the ends towards the back, cover the tip of your ears while doing so.


3. Cross them in the back and bring them back to the front.



4. Tie a normal knot. Slightly to the side but still in the front.


5. And tie another normal knot.


6. Fan the ends out a little bit, like so:


7. Tadaaaaa! Isn’t it bow-licious?


As everybody’s head is a different size, your bow might end up bigger or smaller but this technique should work for most people. And if you’re looking for the Rockabilly Headband tutorial – it right here!

And now it’s your turn – I would love to see how you look like with your head scarf tied in a bow! Just post your photo to my Facebook or tag me on Instagram @mapleandoak!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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