What a hoot! The day I got my face painted.


What a hoot! The day I got my face painted.

Sinas Farbenwind

Sina is the girlfriend of an old highschool friend of mine. They live in a sweet house in the countryside with their dogs and cats in Northern Germany. A while ago I noticed that she was posting pretty awesome pictures on facebook. Selfies, in which her face was painted in the most brilliant colours and with the cutest designs. Just have a wild guess what I asked her!

Owl sweater and matching face

Right! I got my face painted! Doesn’t it look pretty darn cool? Her business is called Sinas Farbenwind which translates roughly to “Sina’s wind of colours”. Such a beautiful of name tells it all.

Before we began, I had no idea what I wanted my face to look like. Usually she paints children’s faces, so she was excited to try something new with my old face. I was wearing a sweather with an owl print which inspired her!

If you want to try it for yourself, this is what you need:

And a towel might be helpful to prevent a mess. In the end it’s just like using water colours – wet your brush, get a lot of colour on it and start painting. In the following photos, you can see in which order she applied the paint to make my face look like this sweet owl!

The most important thing, you can’t see in these photos: glitter! She sprinkled some sparkly goodness over my face and I felt oh so pretty!

After my face was done, she showed me how to make a flower and a dolphin with having 2 colours on your brush at once.


She even let me have a go – the purple flower was done by me and it didn’t turn out too bad, I think. But when I tried to paint a dolphin on her forehead, it didn’t work quite as well…it looks like a seal! Oh well, they both live in the Ocean, right?

If you’re from Schleswig-Holstein and don’t know what to do for your kid’s birthday (or maybe for your twenty-something year old friend that loves colours!), you should definitely check out her homepage Sinas Farbenwind or on Facebook!

Sinas FArbenwind

I hope you had fun & learned how to face paint a little. I sure did!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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