How to tie Maple And Oak Designs’ Triangle Scarf.


How to tie Maple And Oak Designs’ Triangle Scarf.


Daniela and Tatiana having fun in their Maple And Oak triangle scarves.
In the last couple of months, my Triangle Scarf has become one of your favourites. Yay! I really like making them: choosing the one of a kind vintage fabrics combinations, covering the buttons with the matching fabric, sewing straight lines in triangle-shape. There is something really meditative about the process. Plus – I love to try them on once they’re done and, to be honest, I want to keep them all! But so far I’ve been good, I’ve only kept two for myself.

Now I know, there are some people that are intimidated by scarves and the challenge of tying them. Let me assure you, the triangle scarf is on your side. Really! The design looks fancy but it’s so easy to wrap it around your neck and fasten the button. And just so you know how easy it is, I’ll show you:

Triangle Scarf Tutorial 1

1. Unfold the scarf completely. See, a huge triangle. Just hold in in front of you in the way you want to wear it.

Triangle Scarf Tutorial 2

2. Now you place your hands about 20cm from the ends and scrunch it together, just like I did in the picture.

Triangle Scarf Tutorial 3

3. Leave the scarf as it is but turn your hands, so your fingers face towards you.

Triangle Scarf Tutorial 4

4. Wrap the ends around your neck (a little bit tighter at first, we’ll adjust it later) and bring them back to the front.

Triangle Scarf Tutorial 5

5. Now, all that’s left is to button it up (on top of the triangle bit on your chest) and adjust it, so it feels comfortable. Oh, you’re so pretty!

As the scarves are all one of a kind, they sell really fast. I’m constantly making more so I have enough stock for you at the shows and festivals I’ll be attending this summer. If you can’t make it to one of my summer events, get yours from the selection I’ve got listed online: Triangle Scarves

Are you looking for a different tutorial? They’re right here:

If you have any questions, just ask – in the comments below or email me (

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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