Yoga headbands, January and Fitness.


Yoga headbands, January and Fitness.

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It seems like since the beginning of the new year, my social media feeds show me only photos of my friends working out and getting back in shape. And I don’t think it is just the “a new year = a blank slate” theory but you just feel like moving around and being active after all the indulgences of December. Another advantage of exercising a whole lot at the beginning of the year is, that it helps you getting over the January blues. Yes, the days are getting longer but are they really? Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it and I, for one, absolutely like me a nice energy boost from a good sweaty work out. So, yay for getting fit!

Maple And Oak Designs

You don’t need to be super stylish to get fit either, an old pair of sweat pants and the grey, loose shirt will just do fine. And I won’t judge you, if that’s what makes you feel comfortable! But doesn’t it make you already feel so much more energetic if you look into the mirror before going to your yoga practice, burlesque class, soccer training or just the treadmill in your basement and this sexy sports babe is looking back at you? Personally, I feel better about myself when my outfit looks put together, well fitted for my body shape and with some fun, colourful accents.

And as you all know, I love accessories. So what better way to funk up my work out style with a fun headband? The go-to headband for me is the Turban style or the Yoga style. They don’t really differ too much from each other. The Yoga style is a wide headband that you can scrunch together or fold in half and the Turban style is basically the same idea but with a pinched bit in the front that resembles a turban or bow. They’re all made from fabrics that I source at thrift stores or estate sales and which I recycle. That way the fabric has been washed before, so it’s easy to wash (which you probably want to do after a sweaty practise). They’re all super unique as they’re all one of a kind or very limited editions and instead of a fun fabric ending up as landfill, they make you look pretty! Win-win. I wear those fun little things for all sporty activities I’m doing and just so you know that’s: hiking (in summer), yoga (all year ’round) and skiing (in winter and yes, of course under the helmet!), they’re just so sweet for keeping my hair back and soaking up my sweat.

1. The Yoga style

2. The Turban style

Ways of wearing the Yoga and Turban style when not exercising:

  • Casual, to funk up your look.
  • All the way over your ears to keep them nice and toasty.
  • On a bad hair day. (Seriously, no more fretting in front of the mirror!)
  • Elegant, especially the Turban style is inspired by the 1920’s flapper style.
  • To keep your hair back on a hot summer day.

They are awesome, am I right? Order them online here or check out the list of retailers on my homepage!

How do you like to wear them and for what kind of activities? You can comment here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And happy fitnessing ❤!

With love from the Maple And Oak Diaries,

❤ Leonie❤

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